This is me

Navy wife with a toddler. life is a crazy adventure


So this is absolutely terrifying and I’m a little surprised I’m doing this haha… But here goes nothing. This is going to be a journey into my life a little bit where you will see the adventures  of being a  Christian Navy wife from the middle of nowhere Texas ,being a mom of a toddler, someone who struggles with infertility and depression, and also someone who loves essential oils. So let me start off by introducing myself. Hey my name is Lizzy. I’m 25. Hubby and I have been married almost 5 years and our Little man is 18 months. I love all things beach, musicals, food, reading Amish fiction, gluten-free, and coffee lots and lots of coffee. Oh and I’m  an introvert…. Im not especially good at sharing so this should be interesting. My goal is to be transparent and to be a friend . So please feel free to message me and I will follow your blogs and/or social media as well . I know that life is crazy and none of us,especially me, have it all together but we aren’t alone. Anytime I go through something I look for others that have been there or are going through the same thing because then it’s not as scary. I hope that I can be that for someone else.



Overcoming Pain..

pexels-photo-325288.jpegI had every intentions to write for a while but things have just been hard lately. I have been struggling really bad with my depression.. I’ve been so irritable and short with my poor hubby! I feel bad I know I’ve been hard to put up with lately and he’s been so good to me and such a rock! I’ve been in a lot of pain mostly physically but I had a realization this weekend at church that I’m in pain on a deeper level… I’ve been angry and hurt because of my miscarriage and I really thought that I had moved forward and past it but I must have squashed it and tried to not feel… I’m not sure when I will feel like me again and I hate it… my endometriosis cramping has come back with a vengeance and I’m so over it… I go to the doctor in the morning and I’m really struggling with what to do. I’m honestly not sure what I will do yet I’m still praying for God to show me what the best thing for me and my family is!!

I will say despite the pain I had a great morning with my little man! We went to the zoo and chick-fil-a with friends and he ran and laughed and babbled and I loved every minute of it! I love being a momma and my goal to get pregnant again I’m putting on hold for now to focus on getting healthy and out of pain and to be able to enjoy life with my little guy! Prayers for my family during this time of uncertainty would be greatly appreciated!

pexels-photo-371589.jpegOh some good news! I made rank in Young Living!! I’m a star! This is a huge accomplishment for me and I’m so excited to be able to share what I’m passionate about and to be able to help my family out not only in health but in financial!! I’m on a great team that is constantly supporting each other! If you have been interested in oils and wanting to see what they can do in your life message me and I will walk you through things and send you a roller!! Also if you are interested in making money to help your family out talk to me and we will get you signed up! Who knew that an investment of less than $200 could change your whole life! To get you away from doctors and prescriptions but also to bring in financial aid to help support you! I know for me everything changed when I joined Young Living and this amazing team I’m on! I’m so excited to see what the future holds!!!

In a weeks time..

Hey y’all I’m sorry I haven’t written in a little while… A LOT has been happening in my neck of the woods starting with I OVULATED!!!! AGAIN!!! This is only the second time ever that my body has done the natural thing eekkk!!!! I’m so excited! I thought about writing about it when it happened but …… that felt awkward to me haha.. I am all about transparency but I didn’t want to cross the awkward fine line. I should be able to test soonish to see if we are pregnant again. So please be praying that we will be able to get pregnant naturally in Gods timing. I can’t even begin to express my joy in ovulating on my own! I doubt myself so often and even when I don’t mean to I put myself down… This journey is giving me a different perspective of who I am. I am NOT broken! I am NOT a failure! I am NOT letting anyone down! But I AM strong! I AM exactly who God made me to be! I AM NOT alone!! I AM SO BLESSED!!! I hope that if someone is reading this and is struggling like I am , that they know they aren’t alone! I know this journey feels so secluded but we are all in this together and I would love to be apart of your story like you are in mine!!!!

pexels-photo-490411.jpegThis week I have been fighting allergies so bad… Oh and did I mention that my 18 month old figured out how to climb out of his pack and play? I know you are probably wondering why he was sleeping in it to begin with. Well he learned how to climb out of his crib at 12 months and I was terrified of him getting hurt so I moved him to the play pen… Until this week that it… You see he kept getting out and I would put him back in and the last time he gave me a lot of grief. So I decided to watch the baby monitor to see how he was escaping.. Only to see him hike his little leg over the side and topple onto his head…. Welp no more playpen for us… I still had his mattress from the crib but we haven’t gotten him a toddler bed yet because we thought we still had time. Silly us! haha

We bought a baby gate for his doorway so he wouldn’t escape in the middle of the night and he is sleeping on the mattress on the floor. The first couple nights he was so scared. He made a crying noise I had never heard before and I knew that he was terrified of being in this bed. So I laid on the floor beside him until he fell asleep. I won’t do this all the time but every now and then giving in to little things like this are so important. He knew that momma wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to him. And I absolutely loved when he would reach his little hands over and touch my face to make sure I was still there. My heart is beaming and breaking as I write this. I love that little boy so much and as much as one watching him grow up I hate it too.. He becomes more independent and grows so much character every day. He is so sweet but has a stinker side to him haha. He does this thing where he will give all of my family ( my dad and two brothers and one sister) all “sugars” aka kisses and then when it comes to my mom he will scrunch up his nose and laugh and purposefully not kiss her at that moment. He is such a hoot! Later when “it doesn’t seem like a game” he will give her a bunch of sugars. Sorry for the rabbit trail there.. I can’t help it I’m a crazy mom obsessed with her kid!! Anywho we are on day 5 of sleeping in the big boy bed and he has no trouble at night ( nap time is a different story) . Yay to toddler bed! Next stop is potty training… Oh Lord please give me strength!!

pexels-photo-348520.jpegToday is hubby and my 5 year wedding anniversary!! My parents kept little man ( such a blessing to live near them during this time!) and we went to dinner at Olive Garden. That is our special dinner place that we always go for anniversaries and sometimes birthdays. I thought I would share a little bit of our story! We met on  a blind date on Christmas Eve Eve (or Christmas Adam as my hubby calls it) His dad set up the whole thing and I wasn’t interested at the time in dating. My friend that i took with me didn’t like him so I trusted her instincts and didnt pursue the relationship. Haha who knows what would have happened if our story ended there. We stayed in touch but I let him know that I was very content being single at this time and we could only be friends. Future hubby was/is in the Navy and was leaving on a deployment that next June and asked if I would email him. I agreed not thinking anything of it. But over the next 6 months of consistent emails we fell in love. He came home for 2 months and we spent time together with his family and mine. I knew in my heart that this was the man I was going to spend my life with! 21 days of spending time together in person, he proposed over FaceTime. He was at that time in Norfolk VA and I was in West Texas. His family helped him set it all up and I was completely clueless!!! I obviously said yes lol. And exactly a week later we were married. 5 days after that he left again for a 4 month deployment. I know you probably are thinking we are crazy and we are haha. But when you know something you just know. And there is no reason to delay the inevitable. So here we are 5 years, 4 houses (2 rent 2   owned) 1 kid ,1 miscarriage, 2 different states, 1 deployment, many many detatchments, infertility, so many hobbies, 3 dogs ,  and all kinds of every day life stuff later plus hubby being a Navy recruiter now and I have started my own business  and we are still going strong by the Grace of God!!! There is no way we could have survived any of this if we hadn’t stayed focused on him!!!



toddler life

When I had my son I really thought the hard times were at the beginning with the lack of sleep and then as teenagers you know with their moody attitudes.. But I was wrong… Toddlers are like miniature teenagers with their crazy attitudes and trying to be the boss but also super cute. Oh did I mention they are little tornadoes that can destroy a clean house in under 10 seconds…  I mean toys and Cheerios and diapers all over.. (don’t freak out they are clean diapers lol) I’m not sure how girl toddlers are but boys… oh my goodness they are little messes haha. My little man is going to make me have gray hairs before I’m 30 because he is always climbing on things and jumping or falling off. I never knew how much hard it would be. I long to keep him safe and happy ; and it hurts this mommas heart when he is sad or hurt.

So  why is it that mommas are so hard on other mommas? none of us have a clue what we are doing but yet we seem to think its ok to judge why is that? I personally know that I’m a hot mess and am clueless about raising kids but hey Little Man is clothed and fed and pretty clean so I feel like I’m doing an OK job.. Im having a hard time finding other moms to be friends with and I really thought it would be easier to connect but I was wrong… Something big Im trying to avoid doing is comparing my kid to others. They all learn and grow in different ways at different times yet it’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing and I wish we could do away with that… My Little Man doesn’t talk much.. He has said a ton of words but he chooses to say momma dada and uh… He can do some sign language like more and please and eat… I see other kids talking up a storm at his age and it worries me to be honest… We read a lot of books and talk and sing and do the things but I wonder what i am doing wrong.. what should i be doing to help further him? He is so smart follows directions can identify nose and ears and all that. Loves doing puzzles and coloring but still isn’t talking… I know I can’t be the only mom out there that struggles with feeling adequate and enough for their kids and families and I know it takes a village so please message me if you have advice on how to help him.

We went to another mom and tots class this week and he did much better and he loved it. And then we went to a play group today which was interesting cause we are the new people and why are there so many clichés? this isn’t highschool seriously tho… Little Man had a blast and we will definitely be going back next week! And dude if your kids have nasty green buggers please keep them home… I’m just saying… I used lots of thieves on us as soon as we left cause we don’t want your sicknesses lol..  So excited to share my journey of being a mom and all the craziness that goes with that..  now I am going to go use thieves on my little one and me so we can avoid whatever some of those kids had haha. I hope all of y’all are doing good! Have a great weekend!



pexels-photo-271897.jpegHey guys.. Sorry I haven’t been writing as frequently as I would like to. I’m worn out. My 18 month old is teething and not sleeping well so in turn momma is not sleeping…  All my extra energy has been pouring into my business. It’s not easy to be a stay at home momma because let’s be real… We don’t get paid enough and the job never gives us vacations haha. I’m not complaining just stating the reason for my exhaustion. And again another week without coffee creamer because silly me forgot to add it to the grocery order. Yep I’m that person that orders groceries online and picks them up the next day… Don’t judge haha. Starting a business is hard.. On top of having a little one.. and I feel so clueless about what I should and shouldn’t do. Im an introvert with a yellow-green personality and Im struggling. But I really feel like selling Young Living is my calling (next to being a momma and a wife of course) but it takes a lot of getting out of my comfort zone. They say to sign up your circle but my circle is tiny lol… So I am having to meet new people out of my circle to make it happen. And that is scary.. And exhausting… But Im not as stressed about making it as I was a couple of weeks ago tho because I handed over the reins to God and put Him first in this business. It’s honestly crazy how much of the burden has been lifted knowing that He’s in control. And if this business doesn’t pan out thats ok, Im still using the oils and the natural non-toxic products that I love and I will find the thing that helps my family out.

Why Oils? Why Young Living? What made me decide to do this? These are all questions I’ve been asked and that you may be wondering. To start I didn’t get into Young Living wanting to make it a business. I’m a person that loves a good deal so when I made the decision to do oils I researched the companys. There are two big ones but the two reasons.. no three reason I went with Young Living over Doterra were these.

1.Young Livings seed to seal promise. I loved that they knew exactly where the oils came from and that they were 100% pure. I was over the moon when I learned that they had their own farms that grew the plants. Then they distilled the oils themselves. And then they test it but also send it out for 3rd party testing to ensure that they are absolutely pure. This shows what a remarkable company they are.

2. Young Living has been around longer that Doterra

3. And there are so many more oils and blends to choose from in Young Living.

I’m a person that wants to get the best bang for their buck and that’s when I found the starter kit. You get 11 oils, a diffuser and a bunch of samples for $160 . My life changed when I ordered this. I started looking at things differently. When I have a head ache instead of running to over the counter meds I turn to my roller I made with peppermint, lavender and panaway. When baby is teething i use copiaba on his gums and that drastically helps vs orajel. My goal is to one day have my family completely natural and away from toxic, chemicals and meds that can give us crazy side effects. This may not be for everyone and people may think I’m crazy. But thats ok. I love what I’m doing and my family is seeing benefits from using the oils. My husband struggled to sleep and now he is falling asleep easier and not waking up all night like he used to. This makes using oils worth it to me.

I’m not saying all this to sell you but to help you see where I am coming from. The blog post will not be the last time i talk about them so please bear with me 🙂

I decided to make this a business to help my family out. Being a SAHM and a navy wife we can use some extra income. All you military spouses know what I’m talking about haha. My goal is to make it to silver by the end of the year.. That would be about $2000 a month and that would be amazing!! If you are interested in the oils/ and or the business please message me. I’m here to answer any questions you may have. Young Living doesn’t just have oils either they have makeup, supplements, hair products, skin products, baby and kids lines. So much more so go check them out! And if you are interested in signing up use my link and then message me after you do and I will send you a welcome gift!!


Ok I’m done with my spill. I am very passionate and it comes across very strongly sometimes. I hope that this gives someone some good information and helps them 🙂




Today is my baby sisters birthday. She turned 15. I feel like just yesterday I was 15 so how did this happen.. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. We went to Red Robin for dinner and I had them sing to her (which embarrassed her lol) She has become such a beautiful young lady and I’m so proud of the person she has become. I know she will be reading this at some point and I just want you to know I love you and always am here for yoU!

Ok this post is all over the place and is long so I’m going to sign off , have some chocolate chips and drink my diet Pepsi. haha These are the things that make a tired momma happy.  I hope that you are all having a wonderful week. God bless and good night.


Happy hump day

pexels-photo-414105.jpegHave y’all ever had those days that you can’t remember what day it is? Yea that’s my week in a nutshell… I totally thought yesterday was Monday all day haha. But yay thank you Lord the week is almost over!

Today I had to overcome my anxiety(with help from my oils) and I took Little Man to our first mom and tots class. Yes I know what you are thinking and I should have had him more involved before now but its ok. He did really good for his first one tho its hard to get an adventurous 18 month old to follow the leader and play musical chairs. All he wanted to do was climb and run and jump on the trampolines. It was such a joy to see him so excited. We left and he was extra cuddly; probably from being around a bunch of strangers. I love every bit of my organized chaos that is constantly going on! But I am so tired! And I’m out of coffee creamer.. Oh its been a day! But despite someone wanting to be held and played with a lot this morning I got a lot of cleaning done! YAY!! I really dislike mopping but boy oh boy do i love having a clean floor! Who’s with me?

I was planning on taking Little Man to the park to join some of the military stay at home wives for play date but the wind here in west Texas has been brutal all day. So much so that my leg got slammed by the car door while trying to buckle up baby! I think we need to come up with a stopper on car doors that doesn’t allow the wind to grab it and slam. But that’s just my crazy thoughts about that.

My husband said something to me last night that really has stuck with me and that is “Pray ridiculous prayers”. Now when he first said this I gave him a very confused look because that seems silly. But then he went on to talk about how people pray asking God for something but for some reason most of the time we don’t have the faith or trust that He will follow through. How sad that is to me that we have the Almighty God the creator of the world as our Heavenly Father and we treat Him like He is just some random guy on the street. We also tend to forget that He chose us! It wasn’t an accident that we became one of His children! It says in

Ephesians 1:5 English Standard Version (ESV)

he predestined us[a] for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will,


    • prēˈdestin/


      past tense: predestined; past participle: predestined

      1.(of God) destine (someone) for a particular fate or purpose.
      “Calvinists believed that every person was predestined by God to go to heaven or to hell”

      ◦determine (an outcome or course of events) in advance by divine will or fate.
      “she was certain that fate was with her and everything was predestined”


How incredible is that? I’m blown away by the love of our Abba Father! Through Him loving and adopting us has opened my husbands and my heart to one day adopting as well. We long to pour into someone who otherwise would have nothing.

It’s crazy that when i started this blog post I wasn’t going this direction but just being open to where the spirit may lead ; it takes you to incredible places! I am overcoming! Overcoming my fear and anxiety! And that’s huge for me! So starting today I am going to live more purposefully and pray ridiculously! I am in the beginning of starting a business and I know that as long as God is the center of my life and business ; it will grow and be blessed.pexels-photo-214574.jpeg

What are some things you are overcoming? What will you start praying ridiculously  about? Where do you feel the Spirit is leading you? I would love to hear your stories so please comment or send me a message!


My journey with Infertility

This is my second take at writing this post because someone who shall not be named aka “Hubby” accidentally closed out my window and all of my writing was gone… Note to self always save before walking away from the computer haha. Who knows this take might be so much better so here it goes.

pexels-photo-312105.jpegEver since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mama and have a big family. Infertility was never on my radar and I honestly never thought it would be me that was struggling with this.. It’s crazy how the struggles we go through make us so much stronger in the end though. I can honestly say that My hubby and I are not the same people we were when we started out on this journey to have children. We had only been married a year and half but we knew that kids were a huge part of what we felt God was calling for our lives. We just had no idea how difficult it would be.

When we wanted to get started I was on depression and anxiety meds as well as birth control ; which I had been on since I was 15 for ovarian cysts. Unfortunately my cycles never returned and 6 months later I made an appointment to see a doctor. I was then diagnosed with PCOS. They put me on Provera to induce the cycle and it worked! We were so excited but then we discovered my body didn’t ovulate either… We waited to see if the Provera had jump started my system but my period didn’t come again. The next couple months were consistent with taking the Provera and then later they introduced Femara to help me ovulate. We did 3 rounds of that and only had one ovulation cycle out of them. My doctors decided my body needed a break from all the meds and honestly I needed a break mentally as well as physically. My depression was bad at this point. I wasn’t taking medication for it because we were actively trying to conceive but the strain of feeling like an absolute failure was taking over. The next couple of months were really good for me and good for my marriage because we had an opportunity to focus on one another without the pressure of trying. My doctors still had me regularly test to see if i was pregnant and/or ovulating but all tests were negative. November came along and we started another round of Provera.. But nothing happened . I waited the 2 weeks and called my doctor concerned. They told me to take a pregnancy test the next morning (they also informed me that they didn’t believe i was pregnant but that something else was going on) and I would go in later that week for more tests. So feeling confused about what was possibly wrong I got up the next day and took a pregnancy test. IT WAS POSITIVE!!! I didn’t believe it. I must have gotten a bad test so i took 2 more.. all were positive! I sat crying uncontrollably for a good 30 minutes on the bathroom floor in shock! After I told Hubby and we started to grasp what was happening I called my doctor and told them. They were also very shocked and had me come in for an ultrasound to determine how far along we were. There on the screen you could see our little peanut and we heard the heartbeat!( We were 6 weeks 5 days.. But later we were told we were actually a week a head of that) Whats crazy is that due to all of my tests saying I didn’t ovulate my doctors called it a spontaneous conception!

Our world has changed so drastically and we thank God every day for our precious little blessing. He brings us so much light and joy into our lives, and I’m in awe of Gods goodness to us! We were told that more than likely we wouldn’t have anymore issues and the next time around would be super easy. So after Little Man I waited for my cycle to come back thinking that maybe this next time I would be “Normal” …. But since I was nursing him I would really have to wait until a weaned him to see if they would return. They did not unfortunately. I weaned him at 14 months and at that same time I had laparoscopic surgery to look for endometriosis. You see I had been in so much pain since Little Man was born and I was having an extreme amount of cramping, topped onto a family history my doctor was concerned that I did have endometriosis. Turns out that I did and they removed what they could. I had some bleeding after the surgery but no real cycle. My doctor knowing our history and knowing that I was choosing pregnancy over preventing the endometriosis from growing back  got me started on Provera and Femara right away. Unfortunately the Femara made me cuckoo for cocoa puffs and that was the last round I did. On top of the side effects from the medications I had been having horrible hot flashes from my PCOS, like 30 minute long-lasting hot flashes. I was having to put ice packs on my face to cool down and yes I looked like a crazy person haha. My husband and I have been feeling that the Lord is calling us to go a more natural way of life. He hunts deer and we eat tons of that. We are working on having a huge garden and aquaponics system this spring. And I was already getting us more natural with using essential oils vs over the counter meds. So we took some time and prayed over it and decided that I would just use the oils this time and see if it would work for us. I began using Progessence Plus and within 2 weeks my hot flashes were completely gone! My emotional rollercoaster that I felt like I was always on was over! It’s like a miracle in a bottle and I’m so thankful that God brought Young Living into my life! But my story doesn’t end there! Within a month we ended up pregnant , it was a Christmas Miracle unfortunately we lost our little baby 2 weeks later…


I am so amazed how when you feel Gods call on your life and you follow Him despite the scariness of the situation He blesses you for your faith! This miscarriage has been really hard on our family but we have something we had lost. And that’s Hope. Hope that we can do this naturally. We will continue to use the oils as we try for this next baby and pray that we will be patient as it will be in Gods timing not ours when it does happen! I know that so many have struggled with infertility or are still struggling , and my heart goes out to y’all. I know that my journey hasn’t been as long as others but I do understand and know the pain of the heartache that goes with it. My prayers are for those that long to be parents that God will one day, hopefully soon; fulfill those dreams.  I would love to hear your stories about infertility and all that goes with it.




Happy Monday


So… I really thought that my first post was going to be my hardest but honestly it was probably the easiest one I will do. The reason being I had a topic.. introduction . Bam that was it, I just needed to say who I was and why I was blogging . So starting this post has been more tricky to say the least. I mean where do I begin ? With where I am today or how i got to this place? hmmm so many decisions and for an indecisive person like myself this is difficult. But nevertheless here i am crazy not poetic writing and all. Today I am taking a little bit of time to blog while Little Man is sleeping. I didn’t sleep much and then someone cute and cuddly decided to be awake at 0630 this morning. So i am really thinking a nap is going to happen, but i struggle with doing that when there is so much that needs to get done… Have you ever had one of those days or weeks or months that you just can’t seem to get caught up with the household chores? Welcome to my world! haha

We went on a week-long trip to Virginia last week to see a close friend get married and to visit our other friends that over the years have become family. It was an amazing time and baby did absolutely AMAZING on the flights but now we are home and laundry has exploded out of the suitcases taking over my room. Where are the cleaning and laundry fairies when you need them? They would definitely help me out on the days that my depression tries to take over and I struggle to move. The last couple of weeks have been rough and I have been leaning on my heavenly Father more and more. You see Christmas day we found out we were expecting baby number two! It was an absolute miracle (which I will share about tomorrow or the day after that haha) and we were over the moon. My hubby and I felt like we should share with close family and friends immediately so that the little one can be loved on and prayed for even if its super early. I went in for blood work later that week and they said my numbers weren’t high enough but that sometimes that happens when you are early on. I was to wait another week and come in for more. A week goes by and still my levels aren’t high enough to register as being pregnant , that is when they sent out my sample for a beta test and sure enough they could see the hormone and called me confirming pregnancy. Talk about a crazy couple weeks of confusing feelings and unsure of the results. Two Fridays after finding out about baby I woke up to extreme cramping and lots of bleeding…. (I am sorry for the TMI moment but I am trying to be real and transparent. And unfortunately that is not something i can do without some detail. ) I knew as soon as the bleeding started that I had lost the baby.. I would have been about 5 1/2 weeks.. This was my first miscarriage and I am still struggling with it.. It’s so hard because we as humans want answers. And I was no exception asking : Why did this happen? Was there something wrong with my baby? IS there something wrong with me? Did i do something wrong and I’m being punished? That last one is something i felt in my irrational stage. Because I know that is not  how God operates but its is easy to fall into the trap of trying to place blame and questioning God. It’s crazy that we are all so quick to jump to this despite being shown unconditional love and I know for us Abba Father has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. So why would i question Him? The only answer i have is that I am a sinful person who constantly falls short . I knew that i needed  to get out of bed and function for my hubby and my little man and the only way i could do that was by looking to the Father and praying for Him to hold onto my baby until one day I can meet her (Don’t ask me why but I have really felt like this one was a girl). I’m not sure why in my head I thought the hard part was behind me once I stopped bleeding and passing clots but I soon realized that was not the case..The next difficult thing that i would have to do was have the talk with my 10-year-old brother who was so excited and couldn’t stop talking about the new baby. I didn’t know my heart could break anymore than it already was.

I know some of you are judging me thinking “she was so early on she shouldn’t be so upset” and I get where you are coming from. I feel guilty for feeling the things that i do. But I was excited about this baby and i already loved this baby so much. It pains me to know that I won’t ever see her grow up and be able to love on her. One of my greatest joys is being a mama and through losing this baby I have been more appreciative of my Little Man and the time I have with him.




I’m not going to lie part of me nearly erased this post many times because its personal and I am sure it’s not written well. But I can’t be the only one struggling with this. And I know I’m not the only person that stinks at writing! lol I am sorry if this post seems all over the place or not well put together but I hope that this reaches someone who is struggling right now and I just want you to know, You are not alone! You are loved!

I hope your Monday is a great one!